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Axcelis Part Number / Axcelis 零备件号码

Restricted substances reported for a particular part number may be present in any amount, including quantities that constitute <0.1% (<0.01% for Cadmium) in homogenous materials composing the part. For purposes of identifying restricted substances in Axcelis products, Axcelis relies on information provided to Axcelis by our material and component suppliers. Axcelis does not engage in independent verification of this information.

在某些特殊零备件中所含有的受限物质可能以任何数量的形式存在,包括组成这个零备件的材料以及相似材料中<0.1%的数量 (<0.01%的镉)。Axcelis依靠其材料以及组件供应商所提供的信息来鉴别Axcelis产品中的受限物质。Axcelis并未参与对此信息的独立查证。

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